Friday, 2 November 2012

Wild Child (2008 movie)

Directed by: Nick Moore
Released: 2008
Country: United Kingdom, United States, France

Main cast: Emma Roberts, Alex Pettyfer, Natasha Richardson, Shirley Henderson, Georgia King, Juno Temple

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romantic

Rating: 3 out of 5


''Wild Child'' is a teen comedy romantic movie- and it is sweet and quite interesting. It brought a smile to my face. Nevertheless, the plot is predictable. But however, this film is quite entertaining. Because it is not boring and it has humor, and romantic elements.

Emma Roberts (niece of Julia Roberts) stars in this movie as Poppy Moore, a spoiled teenager living in Malibu. She loves pranks. After a prank enrages her father (played by Aidan Quinn), the latter sends her to a boarding school in England.

The school is strict. And Poppy has trouble adjusting: Discipline, discipline, and discipline.

But, however, her roommates get friendly to her, and decide to help her to get expelled, as she hates the school and wants to leave. They help her participating in different pranks. Then several interesting, several emotional events follow.

The characters and the cast are generally okay. Natasha Richardson plays the Headmistress, who is generally quite strict but wants Poppy to improve and tries to help Poppy to improve herself. Richardson is excellent in her role.  Alex Pettyfer plays Freddie (the male protagonist), son of the Headmistress. Poppy and Freddie fall in love with each other.

There is also Shirley Henderson, who plays the strict matron. Georgia King plays the antagonist, Harriet, the head girl who always tries to make Poppy miserable.  She gives a good performance.  There are also several roommates of Poppy who always try to help her.

The story and screenplay are both good. Cinematography is good. The music is also good.  The film is a bit predictable. But however, this doesn't affect the film much. As it is really quite entertaining, enjoyable, and touching. It is a lighthearted comedy romantic film.

Overall, despite being predictable, this lighthearted film is fairly enjoyable, entertaining, and not boring. Watch this film; you won't be disappointed!

3 out of 5.

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