Sunday, 28 July 2013

''(500) Days of Summer'' (2009 movie)- Review

Directed by: Scott Neustadter
Released: 2009
Country: United States

Genres: Romantic comedy, Drama

Cast: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Zooey Deschanel, Geoffrey Arend, Chloe Grace Moretz, Matthew Gray Gubler, Clark Gregg

Rating: 4 out of 5


Romantic comedy is just not the best genre for me. Once, it had been one of my favorite genres. But after watching such a number of cliched teen rom-coms, the genre is no longer in my 'Favorite Genres' list. But however, now and then I come across such beautiful movies of the genre that, though not bringing back rom-com to it's previous position, leave me with a good feeling, with a smile, or perhaps, at rare occasions, a tear as well. (500) Days of Summer was indeed such a kind of film. It did not feel to me like it was great or something, but yet, it was a feel-good, cheerful, lively film.

Day 488. We see a young man (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and a young woman (Zoey Deschanel) sitting together a bench, looking and smiling at each other. Then follows flashbacks, flashbacks, and flashbacks. The film is not told in a chronological order and shifts among the days between Day 1 of Tom's meeting summer to Day 488 (We only see Day 500 in the last scene).

Tom (Levitt) waits for the perfect girl of his life. Summer (Deschanel), on the other hand, believes that there is no such thing as love. The two work at the same office. Tom's job is to make greeting cards, despite having studied architecture in college. The two meet and become friends, and eventually start a relation, though, as Summer suggests, they are just friends.

The film shifts between time periods. At one period, we see the blossoming relationship between Tom and Summer. At the other, we see Tom and Summer have broken up and Tom managing to deal with the stress and the sorrow that has followed. The two time periods and situations are mixed together, one showing Tom as a happy young man in love, and the other showing Tom as the broken man after the end of relationship.

The screenplay is very well written. The shifting between the days is done remarkably. I also liked the Expectation vs Reality scene. One of the most memorable scenes in the film was the dance  by Joseph Gordon Levitt, because of his happiness of finally finding a girl whom he thinks perfect and suitable for him, and whom he loves, and he dances with joy, and imagines all the pedestrians dancing with him as well (and there is also an animated bird in this dance scene!). It was a perfectly delightful and excellently-written scene.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of my favorite actors. He is charming and an excellent actor. In every scene in this film, he performs excellently. He brings the character to life! Zoey Deschenal is excellent as well. And Chloe Grace Moretz... she is one of my favorite young actresses. Mortez plays Tom's sister Rachel. Despite being so young, it is always Rachel who gives Tom advises and tips about relationships. Moretz also gave an excellent performance, though she plays a relatively small supporting role.

The romance is sweet, and the two lead actors bring their respective characters to life. It is written well, acted well, directed well, and indeed, a refreshing and sweet romantic comedy film.

4 out of 5

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