Saturday, 13 July 2013

Movie goals of 2013

I know, I'm making this list in July- half of 2013 has already gone by, and I've made up my Goals list in this month?!?

Actually, I've been planning on this list for a long time. And finally, I've come to the conclusion to have these six movies in my ''Goals'' list. (I hope to watch these six great movies this year!).

Despite being a crazy movie lover for a long time, I'm surprised  after thinking about how many great movies I haven't seen yet. I haven't seen Citizen Kane. However, I won't be listing that in my 2013 Goals List because I want to be more experienced and more skilled before I watch this movie, often considered to be the greatest movie ever.

Anyways, enough talking for now. The six movies that I'm planning that I must watch in 2013 are:

1. Gone with the Wind
2. La Dolce Vita
3. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
4. Ben-Hur
5. Pulp Fiction
6. The Tree of Life

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