Thursday, 13 September 2012

Brother Bear (2003 movie)

Directed by: Aaron Blaise, Robert Walker
Released: 2003
Country: United States


Plot synopsis

When Kenai kills a bear, he is transformed into a bear. In order to be transformed back into his human body, he is told to go to the Northern Lights, the place where the ''lights touch the earth''. On the way, he meets a talkative younger bear, Koda, who has to find his way home. After knowing that Koda's house is next to the place where the lights touch the earth, Kenai takes Koda with him, and together they travel...

Joaquin Phoenix as Kenai (voice)
Jeremy Suarez as Koda (voice)
Jason Raize as Denahi (voice)
D. B. Sweeney as Sitka (voice)
Joan Copeland as Tanana (voice)


The film earned an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature, among other awards and nominations.

My Opinion

A perfectly wonderful film! Quite a touching movie. It is truly enjoyable, nice, and interesting. Some parts of the story are quite emotional, but others are completely enjoyable! 

4 out of 5

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