Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mirror Mirror (2012 movie)

Directed by: Tarsem Singh
Released: 2012
Country: United States

Plot synopsis
The movie is based on the fairytale Snow White. Snow White's father is the King. One day, he goes to the forest but never comes back. Snow White's evil stepmother has become the Queen. Snow White grows up in the palace, never allowed to go outside. Meanwhile, the Queen's greed has made the people of the kingdom destitute. One day, Snow White secretly leaves the palace. Upon reaching the town which the palace overlooks, Snow White is shocked to see the people's conditions. Meanwhile, to solve her financial problems, the Queen plans to marry Prince Alcott, who has come to visit from a wealthy kingdom. She throws a ball in honor of the Prince. Meanwhile, Snow White secretly comes to the ball to ask help to from the Prince (whom she previously had met in the forest when she went outside the palace) to restore her kingdom. The Queen, however, notices Snow White dancing with the Prince, and orders her guards to capture her. She order Brighton, one of her servants, to leave Snow White in the Forest and feed her to the beast that lives there. Brighton, however, being a kindhearted man, lets Snow White go. She is found by seven rebellious bandits. With the help of her seven new friends, Snow White plans to overthrow the Queen, restore her kingdom, and win back the Prince...


Lily Collins as Snow White
Armie Hammer as Prince Alcott
Julia Roberts as The Queen
Nathan Lane as Brighton
Sean Bean as The King
Lisa Roberts Gillan as The Mirror Queen
Frank Welker as the voice of the Beast
Danny Woodburn as Grimm
Martin Klebba as Butcher
Sebastian Saraceno as Wolf
Jordan Prentice as Napoleon
Mark Povinelli as Half Pint
Joe Gnoffo as Grub
Ronald Lee Clark as Chuckles


My opinion
''Mirror Mirror'' is a beautiful movie- with very nice acting, music... everything in this film is charming. However, in spite of such brilliant materials, I didn't like this movie very much. However, I didn't dislike this movie... What I disliked was that there are some very much mentionable differences  from the fairytale ''Snow White''. 

Therefore, in conclusion I would like to say that as an adaptation of Snow White, this movie is not very good; however, as a movie, it is okay! It has excellent music, and, an excellent cast who act very well. It's a good family movies, excellent for especially children. Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, and Julia Roberts give very excellent performances. 

But overall, this movie is difficult to comment: in short, it was okay, but was not a very satisfying movie.  

2 out of 5.

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